2012 The Year Mobile Market Research goes mainstream!

This week in the Seattle office the topic on everyone’s mind has been the buzz about 2012 being the year Mobile Market Research takes off in a big way.  First, my colleague Dana Stanley sent me a link to this article by leading Forrest analist Roxana Strohmenger.


Then, as these events usually do, the same afternoon a friend of mine in the app business told me about this recent research from Flurry showing the continued growth of consumer time spent with apps vs surfing the internet.  Apps are taking the lead!




Consumer behavior + Robust Software Tools + Better Data = A very big year for Mobile Market Research!


Cheers from Fremont, Seattle, USA!


SurveySwipe Launches HTML5

It’s a new year, and a whole new chapter is beginning:  we are proud to announce the release of the HTML5 version of SurveySwipe.

This is going to change everything, folks!

With this release SurveySwipe’s powerful mobile survey platform is no longer locked into an app format; the platform now can easily run on any mobile device, with no app download required.

This new freedom will be particularly important in the case of episodic research, where a requirement to download an app can be an obstacle to participation.

The logical solution is to free the software and run it through the browser.  That’s precisely what we’ve done.

One of the coolest things about our HTML5 launch is that it allows for easy QR code survey activation.  Below is a clever way we have been using QR codes with one of our larger clients.


Just scan the code and panelists are taken to SurveySwipe and our incredibly easy user experience!

In this rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem, you have to stay ahead of the curve.  We are already the only mobile survey solution that covers every major platform (iOS/Android/Blackberry/Windows Mobile).  With the addition of HTML5, the browser gap is filled.

We are proud to say that our software can reach panelists on whatever device they use.

Your data will never be the same!

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

Mobile Market Research Panels



The Backdrop:

According to a new study by the research firm Flurry, this year app usage out paced both desktop and mobile browser combined.  In other words apps are more popular than surfing the internet!  Consumers have spoken now it’s time for us as marketers to listen and engage users where they chose to spend their media consumption time.  After all these days 18-35 year olds are virtually un reachable by any other technology.


Beyond just the sheer number of consumers using apps the technology naturally lends itself to tracking consumer behavior.


Validation Advantage:


Mobile users are easy to validate.  Mobile Identification Numbers, (MIN) accurately identify panelists and track their responses over time, no room for human error.  Fraud risk virtually eliminated.




Location aware features allow panels to be instantly sliced by geographic region and even street by street level accuracy.  Why be limited by time and space?


Speed of Research:


With mobile you can get results in real time as your panel members respond to surveys.   Kick start your program, close the feedback loop and start acting on valuable data right away.




Mobile panel questionnaire’s are like games.  What better way to increase your response rate than to make your survey like an app game.  This movement is still in its beginnings but one can imagine a world where all surveys are like games with rewards built right in.


An interesting way to think about Mobile Panels is to turn it upside down and imagine a world where mobile is the mainstream legacy platform for Market Research.  Not so hard to visualize when you look at what a powerful research tool this truly is.


We at SurveySwipe see the Sample Business landscape today requiring true Multi Mode Marketing and the ability to reach consumers on all screens.


Happy Holidays from the team in Fremont/Seattle/USA!

App based Market Research for auto dealers

These days every car brand and most local dealers have apps for consumers to download and shop inventory, play games, or learn more about new models.  The value of some of these apps is debatable and it strikes us at SurveySwipe that all of them should include market research tools.

Why not have these features baked right into existing apps?

Specifically if these apps included SurveySwipe’s HyperLocal Surveys™ they could achieve some powerful marketing goals.  HyperLocal Surveys™ are location triggered surveys pushed to anyone who downloads an app with our technology installed.  Anyone crossing this “alert zone” triggers the push notification.

-alert people who have bought from the dealership that they are due for service(a major profit center for most American dealerships)

-broadcast service specials, think “$30 oil changes this weekend only” sent to passing traffic

On the sales side the possibilities get even more interesting…

-alert the sales team when a consumer enters the showroom

-survey shoppers who leave the lot without buying a car

-ask them why they went across the street to a competitor’s dealership while they are standing on the other guys lot!

Finally car dealers can answer the age old question plaguing their industry.  Whey did that person just leave without buying a car?

Have a great weekend and cheers from Fremont, Seattle, USA!

Black Friday Smartphone Showdown: Brick and Mortar vs. Online Retailers

This “Black Friday” is shaping up to be the most contentious yet.  Some 152 million shoppers say they will hit stores on November 25, the day after U.S. Thanksgiving, up 10.1 percent from 138 million people last year, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation.

Online retailers have traditionally had the advantage when it comes to tracking consumer behavior and using new media to build customer loyalty.  But this year traditional retailers have a few new tricks up their sleeves.

Several large American retailers already embed market research software into their smartphone apps, and other have formed research panels that gather consumer data at the point of purchase.

Survey Swipe works with retailers to create a white-label market research solution that allows retailers to have their own research app or build research functionalities right into the retailer’s existing app.

According to recent Nielsen report smartphone usage is projected to hit a critical inflection point by the end of 2011.  Forward-thinking retailers see app-based solutions as an important part of their customer strategy.

“It is simply a fact that an app-based solution can gather data more efficiently, accurately, economically than any other technology”, said Survey Swipe founder Chandika Bhandari.  According to a recent study from comScore app usage by consumers outpaced browser usage for the first time in June of this year.

“With volume like this hitting stores, retailers who have a mobile customer feedback program in place will gain insights that will pay dividends for the upcoming holiday season and beyond.  Point of sales insights are a game changer.”  said John Nelson, Business Development Director for SurveySwipe.  “The ability of brick and mortar retailers to gain deep consumer insights will be a wake-up call to online retailers.”

Stay tuned, the stage is set for the most competitive Black Friday to date…

Happy Thanksgiving from Fremont USA!

Ipsos Loyalty Engagement Panel Mobile Network and Survey Swipe!

Today is a big week for Survey Swipe!

We are buzzing about the announcement of our partnership with leading market research firm Ipsos.

The Ipsos Loyalty Engagement Panel Mobile Network has been fun to create. It’s a very exciting new opportunity for both companies. This major project with Ipsos has been building up for a while, and now we can finally share the good news of our groundbreaking mobile research project.


The coolest thing about what Ipsos has done with our platform is to allow traditional intercept interviewing to be conducted using our app. When a customer walks out of a retail store they are sent a push notification (cell phone alert) and asked for on-the-spot feedback about their shopping experience.

This data is instantly uploaded to our servers and into our powerful pro-level analytics program, where it can be turned into valuable visual charts as well as exported to Excel.

Imagine what impact this will have on the market research industry in the long run.

The age old question of what the heck consumers are really thinking when they buy things will finally be answered.

Furthermore, imagine how much more research will be conducted when costs are lowered so dramatically?

The accuracy of this new data will also be unparalleled; it will clarify previously foggy assumptions about consumer behavior.

Ipsos has been great to work with, and we already have a couple of apps on iTunes.

The Survey Swipe team looks forward to building this relationship in the coming months.


John Nelson

Consumer downloads app —→ Become Panelist —→ Location Trigger sends alert sends survey on the spot

Groovy new question types!

Our development department just came up with these cool new designer question types. Mobile surveys have never looked so good!

Survey Swipe as a tool for Retail Audit

Recently we (the Survey Swipe team) were approached by a client who was fed up with traditional methods of Retail Auditing and wondered if we could harness the Survey Swipe platform for this purpose.

A traditional Retail Audit is conducted by an outside consulting firm and involves teams of auditors with clipboards and paper.  The goals are:

1.  Ensuring compliance with company policy and regulation

2.  Improving the image, quality, and operational processes across sites

3.  Identifying the top performing sites and areas for improvement

4.  Tracking compliance around promotional material

Hey, that’s easy using our Survey Swipe App!

We took these goals and created a White Label App running on all 4 major platforms, created:

This solution achieved a Significant Cost Savings Over Traditional Audit.  Efficient time saving audit planning, scheduling, execution and reviews reduced the headache of coordinating the project.  Real-time visibility into audit plans, reporting status and outcomes allowed the client to tweak the audit for increased accuracy.  One of the responses we got from our client was satisfaction with the short cycle time from initiation of the audit to release of actionable data.  For this project the standardized audit practices across franchisee and chain stores were a big benefit.

If you are designing a similar project be sure and contact us today for a demonstration of how this solution works.