Own an iPhone app – increase the “pain” of switching to your competitor?

Pip Coburn defines the change function as the force that makes you adopt new things when the current pain is unbearable. When you apply the change function to adoption of alternate apps in the app store – it is a scary proposition if you are an app developer.

Think about it this way – cost of switching to an alternate app are a few clicks and possibly a dollar:

  • Search
  • Install
  • Fire it up
That’s really not much of a “pain”. There are nearly 400,000 active apps in the App Store today. So when you acquire a customer, you want to do everything you can to keep them because cost of acquiring a customer is going to get higher as the number of apps grow in the App Store.

One of the ways to improve customer retention is to simply ask for feedback and morph your app into what your users want. Surveys can be an effective tool for collecting feedback. However, creating a surveying and reporting solution can be daunting and more importantly impractical for most app developers. Keeping that in mind, we have decided to offer our survey tools as a simple, easy to integrate pluggable module for your iPhone apps. 
You can view details about the offer here

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